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Seldom Traveled Always Beautiful

The Slieve Bloom Mountains is where we are met by our mountain guide. Walking boots/comfortable shoes are required for our ‘Walk and Talk’ across the mountains for approximately 2 hours.

A well-earned lunch in a period house is our next stop and enough time to take in the ambiance and beautiful grounds of this fabulous property.

A choice of our “Experiences” will be held here.

Next let us show you one of the few remaining workhouses in Ireland, where people were brought and “cared for” during and after the famine years in the 19th century. You will experience very mixed emotions, both fabulous and very eerie when you witness rooms where they were brought, ate and floors they slept on after walking “the pathway of the dead” then separated from their partners and children. The lucky ones who made it to the door of the workhouse.

Tour Package

Rebels & Ancestors

The site of the first shots of the 1916 Rising is out first stop. Here we find out what happened under direct orders from Padraig Pearse Easter week.

We then move on and briefly stop at The First 1916 Remembrance Garden.

Next, we stop at a holy well where we will hear the story of St. Fintan and the one- eyed trout. It is customary to take a pebble from this well to guard your house from fire or water.

There is a small chapel and graveyard here where it is thought St. Fintan lived sometime in the 6th century.

An early 19th century Church of Ireland church and graveyard is our next stop on our journey and we have a chat with some of the locals and hear the stories.

Lunch in a restored 19th century school house followed by your choice of our “Experiences”.

A man who fought against the ‘Tithes’ (taxes) for tenant farmers, his son, a man who greatly influenced one of the leaders of the 1916 Rising and his younger brother who played a huge part in the minor’s revolt in the only armed rebellion in Australian history.

An old 18th century school and graveyard including the graves of members of the above family is just a short distance away.

We pop next door to see the recently renovated Catholic church while taking in the mass pit across the road.



Set Dancing

Set Dancing is a popular form of folk dancing in Ireland.  It goes back over 100 years to the days of house dances where neighbours met and danced.  Since the 1980s it is going through a revival.  Set dancing is good exercise and great fun.  In our workshop, lasting about an hour, our expert will demonstrate and teach you a dance.  We guarantee a very enjoyable experience.

Tour Package

Genealogy Tour

Whether you have already researched your ancestry or not, we can help you. We can help with or do your family tree. And when you get here where possible we can take you places your family may have lived, went to school, worked or socialised. We can turn paperwork into a real and living story, making your visit very worthwhile and enjoyable.

Many tissues needed for this experience.

The duration of this tour is dependent on the information we can find about your family