Tour Package

Ireland’s Ancient East – Tour 1

The oldest planned estate town in Ireland is the first stop on our heritage tour; the very elegant and picturesque town of the Viscounts de Vesci. We will explore the stories of the town in a 19th century school which is now a heritage center including the towns link to the Titanic, the infamous White Star Liner that sank on it’s maiden voyage.

A demonstration of Irish music or dance can be seen here  subject to availability.

A short trip and we arrive at a small village, founded in the 7th century around the monastery dedicated to Saint Mochua who had lived here as a hermit. We will discover a wonderful 12th century round tower, one of the finest in the country standing almost 30m (90ft) high. The amazing ruins tell the tale of how the medieval abbey was converted to a tower house and then returned to christian use as a parish church. See if you can follow the story through its many twists and turns.

We then travel to one of Ireland’s oldest traditional thatched pubs for lunch.

Our final destination was the seat of the Kings of Leinster, a fortress was first mentioned by an ancient Greek cartographer in 120AD as a Dún or Fort. From the top we can view the fabulous Irish countryside and can see numerous counties. Today the ruins that can be explored are Anglo Norman, dating to the 12th and 13th centuries, and were part of the dowry when the King of Leinster’s daughter married an Anglo-Norman Lord. Legends and folklore surround this fortification.