Tour Package

Paupers, Priests & Princes

Let us show you one of the few remaining workhouses in Ireland, where people were brought and 'cared for' during and after the famine years of the 19th century. You will experience very mixed emotions, both fabulous and very eerie when you witness rooms where they were brought, ate and floors they slept on after walking 'the pathway of the dead' then separated from their partners and children. These were actually the lucky ones who had made it to the door of the workhouse.

We move along to what was once one of the largest ecclesiastical centers in Europe. A center of learning, commerce and agriculture. Built almost 1500 years ago. Attacked by the vikings, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in the 14th century before finally being closed during the Reformation by King Henry VIII.

Depending on the weather we may have a picnic here or travel for lunch in a local café.

Next, we visit a stronghold of the Fitzpatrick or Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan. This 5 storey, 15th century castle with a Sile na Gig, a pagan symbol of fertility, carved into one of the walls. Walking up the mountain across an organic sheep farm we hear some of the folklore of the area and the stories about Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Spectacular views from the top of the mountain and the ring fort.

Full Day tour: 10:00am – 4:30pm